MORE OR LESS? Staging for Street Easy

The Jefferson at 211 E 13 #PHE STAGING 09/19/14

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

It’s amazing what we as humans can accomplish when refuse to be paralyzed by fear! This project really drove that point home for me.

The challenge with the staging of this penthouse was unusual because I actually had to bring in furniture to make the small space appear to be larger.

My job was also to gently mentor the potential buyer on how to maximize usage of the space visually.

Thanks to Corinth Harrison, Rental Consultant at
I was able to victoriously answer the call. The pressure was on as my staging services were requested three days before their first official open house. But, with Cort’s 48-hour delivery/pickup service, and specially trained managers to handle the unique needs of a staged home we made the impossible possible!

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

The Jefferson at 211 East 13 Street #PHE

Some of my best work has been produced under pressure and I’m thrilled to add this project to the list!

CORT Furniture Rental

CORT Furniture Rental

The moment I walked into the Cort showroom, I knew it was a marriage made in heaven. The quality, variety, simplicity, and textures of their furniture and accessories brought so much ease to the decision-making process. Their broad selection caters to fit any lifestyle.

Before any Staging consultation takes place, a clearing of the entire space is mandatory. My go to for achieving this goal effectively is White Sage.

White Sage Smudge

White Sage Smudge

White Sage (Also called Sacred Sage) leaves are widely used as a cleansing herb, to purify the mind, body and also to purify the atmosphere & to dispel negativity.

Smudging with white sage offers the benefits of purifying you and your environment, banishing negative energy and/or entities, clearing haunted spaces and relaxing and calming people, pets and spirits.

“Less Is More” is usually my motto, but in this situation More was the key to achieving our goal. To stage or not to stage was not the issue. According to HUD, a staged home sells in about half the time and for an average of 6.32%-17% more (compared to just 1.6% above list price on non-staged homes). Deciding how much of the More factor was the issue that could make or break the success of this project.

I, myself was amazed at just how larger the space felt with just a few key elements.


The key elements for this space were a colorful, Missoni print, and spacious Angelina sofa multi 86″ to accommodate a lot of seating in one area, and an oval Havana cocktail table to soften all of the other square edges.

Two Sunkist orange Ara accent chairs and a round glass chrome Eileen Grey side table to create another conversation nook within the living room was placed across from the couch.  A bold, tangerine and white graphic rug was selected to contain these pieces and give a sense of a separate room within a room minus the walls.


Likewise, a 38″ round Julia metal glass dining table for four with four oval, Belina high back dining chairs gently created the feeling of a slightly enclosed  dining area within the kitchen without adding a feeling of clutter to the overall space.

Antique Credenza

Antique Credenza

The vintage credenza gave me an opportunity to merge old with the new while perfectly filling in an odd sized space and giving it a newfound sense of purpose.

The large column in the middle of what otherwise would be a panoramic view in the bedroom proved to be a total eyesore especially without furniture.



So instead of working against the column, I worked with it and gave it a headboard treatment for the full-sized bed with Matelasse finishings which I placed in front of it with 2 hammered metal Champaign three draw chest framing the bed on both sides.

Foyer Table

Foyer Table

The walnut Conal console table in the foyer was narrow yet long enough to effectively serve it’s purpose without interrupting the flow when entering the condo.

We decided on no art on the walls to maximize the feeling of openness.

Turquoise Sculpture

Turquoise Sculpture

Instead, we opted for sculpture in the living room windows with the turquoise hand blown mutable glass behind the couch, and the Buddha bust from India near the credenza.

To complete the delicate mix of vintage and modern, the accents were purchased from Vintage Thrift Shop 236 third avenue with the brilliant assistance from Charles who knows his inventory quite well.




In the Living room we simple placed two square smoky topaz glass bowls circa 1930s.

The center piece on top of the credenza featured a shallow round crystal circa 1940s.

On the dining table wrest a Waterford crystal bowl and pewter candle holder circa 1920s.

The kitchen features a teak wooden bowl circa 1950s.

The bathroom sink displays a set of porcelain rose bud vases circa 1930s and cobalt depression glass soap dish.

On the foyer table rest an iridescent rectangle glass dish circa 1950s, and an antique silver bowl dated 1977.

The candy apple red kid skin leather gloves (which mystically fit my client’s hand and became a gift for her), Trapp votive/gift candle from Bash & Bow 210 East 21 Street , and a sprinkle of the latest fashion/interior design magazines added to creating that lived in feeling for the space.




Water votive for the bathroom
Lavender votive for the bedroom
Teak and Oud Wood candle/gift to client for the living room

To add more color, I introduced non perishable yet edible items like gum balls  in the bowls on the coffee table in the living room and gourmet jelly beans in the bowl on top of the credenza.

Signature statements:
– Fashion item #redgloves
– Spiritual item #BuddhaHead
– Edible accents #gumballs/jellybeans
– Old meets New #credenza/accents
– Aromatherapy #TrappedCandles
– Color #HappySpace



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