I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I was when Dawn Roberson, DIFFA Director of Special Events, called to tell me that I was invited to Michael Aram’s 25th Anniversary Celebration at Robert Restaurant on top of the Museum of Arts and Design. You could not have selected a better location to celebrate and showcase an American Legend known as the ‘Indian Designer of the Year’, an artist who breathes elegance and luxury into each metal sculpture he creates. Finally, I get to meet the man behind the Legend 25 years in the making.



“This year marks the 25th anniversary of a journey I took both creatively and professionally… To mark this important milestone, I am happy to introduce you to the Atelier Collection – a group of twelve large-scale sculptures that represent my work at its purest and highest form. My inspirations come from different sources but nature, in both realistic and more interpretive forms, is my biggest muse. I am also inspired by narrative stories and objects that look as though they could emerge from a dreamscape. I find beauty in representing organic forms through the spontaneous act of making things by hand. These works exemplify many of the qualities and inspirations inherent in my collections over the years and speak to my beginnings in fine art as well as my commitment to craft-based design. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I have enjoyed making them.” – Michael Aram



Blane & Tracy Reese, McKenzie Liautaud, Robert Verdi



Blane & Johanna Osborn, Evette Rios, Dawn Roberson



Blane & Alexis Johnson


Blane & Steven Williams


Blane & David Wunderlich


Michael Aram with his most personal and favorite sculpture dedicated to his son


It wasn’t easy selecting my “Fab Five Favs” because these 12 limited edition sculptures are all stunning creations! But, the following sculptures spoke to me on a profound level. I felt a personal connection to each piece.

dream 1

dream 2

DREAM February

ITEM #176023

Sculpture: 16.25″W x 8.25″L x 47.5″H

Sculpture With Plinth: 53.25″H

Plinth: 12″L x 12″W x 5.75″H

Ladder-Oxidized Bronze, Stars-Gold Plate 24K, Moon-Nickelplate, Piglet-Copperplate, Pillow-Nickelplate, Powdercoat Plinth

Limited series of 25 editions $2,500

When I first saw this sculpture I just wanted to cuddle up with piggy and lay my head down on that pillow. DREAM reminded me that we should never give up on our aspirations no matter how great the challenges even if it takes 25 years to come to fruition. “… that in the world of our imagination, all things are possible.” – Michael Aram

leaf 1LEAF April

ITEM #176027

Sculpture: 15″W x 19.25″L x 29.75″H

Sculpture With Plinth: 35.5″H

Plinth: 14″L x 14″W x 5.75″H

Natural Bronze, Powdercoat Plinth

Limited series of 25 editions $3,000

I was drawn to the delicacy and elegance of a decaying leaf, BRILLIANT! To immortalize a moment in nature like this was just pure genius. I could just imagine the LEAF falling to the ground and it took my breath away. In a society that is so youth oriented it’s refreshing to be reminded of the beauty of aging gracefully. I’m proud to have entered the 50s Club and I’ve never felt better. For me, life has just begun! “Elevating the form of a ragged and ravaged leaf, placing it on a pedestal, immortalizing it in bronze… all of these gestures remind us that beauty can be found in all things… that we only need to look deeper to see it everywhere.” – Michael Aram

freedom 1


ITEM #176022

Sculpture: 1″W x 19″L x 41″H

Sculpture With Plinth: 45″H

Plinth: 7″L x 20″W x 4″H

Gold Plate 24K, Oxidized Bronze, Powdercoat Plinth

Limited series of 25 editions $5,500

FREEDOM spoke to me on so many levels, Politically, Culturally, Creatively, and Socially. When we live in authenticity, only then can we freely embrace a rich and full existence. I love being reminded of that fact which I promote in design consulting for my clients. Michael Aram sums it up so beautifully, “When we open up and welcome those around us, we discover the source of genuine freedom. The reality of safety comes from within ourselves and our ability to love and be loved.”

home 1

HOME August

ITEM #176026

Sculpture: 24″ Dia., 13″H

Sculpture With Plinth: 19″H

Plinth: 12″L x 12″W x 6″H

Brass Plate, Oxidized Bronze, Powdercoat Plinth

Limited series of 25 editions $8,000

HOME brought back fond memories after just returning from visiting my family in Charleston, SC. When all else fails we always have our family and home to rejuvenate our souls and to remind us of what’s really important. In my design consulting work I’m always helping clients to create an environment that truly reflects what makes them special and incites them to always strive to reach new heights. HOME reminded me of the unlimited potential that we all possess! “For me, the golden eggs symbolize hope, potential, dreams, and nurturing… all things we look to find in the place in which we live.” – Michael Aram

pom 1


ITEM #176032

Sculpture: 16″W x 17.5″L x 17″H

Sculpture With Plinth: 19″H

Plinth: 17″L x 17″W x 2″H

Natural Bronze, Oxidized Bronze, Powdercoat Plinth

Limited series of 25 editions $10,000

December the month of my birth, and what better month to showcase POMEGRANATE one of my favorite fruits growing up as a child. I would spend hours breaking off each delicate, exotic treasure and savoring its juices with sheer delight. It wasn’t until I got older that I discovered Ancient Egyptians regarded the pomegranate as a symbol of prosperity and ambition. “It is customary in certain cultures to throw a pomegranate against the wall and have it break into pieces, symbolizing abundance, fertility, fruitfulness, prosperity, sustenance, wellness, and marriage.” – Michael Aram


SUNBURST frame Thank you for the lovely gift Michael

Blane & Michael Aram

Blane & Michael Aram

Here with Michael Aram at his Chelsea showroom. To make an appointment with BEAU-T BY BLANE for a consultation to view the collection and decide which pieces would best embellish your home or office, contact us: 917.640.1962 info@beautbyblane.com
















Mission Statement: "ELEMENTS of FIERCE!" is a celebration of artistic expression! The founder, Blane Charles, explores not what people wear, but who is wearing it? He feels that we all have a special style waiting to be shared with the world. Blane also wants to celebrate freedom of expression, uniqueness, individuality, and authenticity! Stay tuned to my "FAB FIVE FAVS!" where I feature five works of inspiration and beauty from my day to day travels.
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