I could not resist using a quote from one of my long-standing clients that sums me up the best as I took on one of my most challenging consultations to date, “HE CAME! HE SAW! HE CONQUERED!”

The Office Before!

Wisdom for Modern Life by Daisaku Ikeda

Friday, February 10, 2012:

“Nichiren explains that to know oneself is to know all things in the universe. When you change, your environment changes, too. When your inner resolve changes, everything is transformed. This principle is summed up by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe‘s maxim, “Nothing’s outside that’s not within.”

The Office After!

I cannot create the healing transformations that I specialize in unless my clients are ready to take it on! So I really take my hat off to my most recent client for stepping out of his 40 year rut to finally own and celebrate his life! He shared with me that he’s determined to live pass 100 years of age. I have to say that this Interior Edit has been a most enriching experience for us both!

I applaud my 89 years old client, who still serves as a highly awarded and well-respected reverend in his community, that still goes to the gym 3 days a week, use to drive a Mustang Convertible, and now drives a Classy Impala. I applaud him for finally deciding, “Enough Is Enough!”

We ran into a white version of my client’s Mustang while shopping one day.

89 & Still Driving!

Labor Day weekend ended a six weekend journey of discovery and transformation. We were able to definitely bring some Wellness back into my client’s life and his space.

One of The Many Lovely Views While Shopping for The Baker Manor!

The loss of a dear friend, unresolved differences with relatives, and the like, can drive us into an eternal funk. In this depressing state of mind we tend not to care, and we let things go to the “Point Of No Return.”

Even something as simple as placing a proper plate on a light switch goes unnoticed. But, what a difference a light plate can make!

Before Placing The New Light Plate

After Placing The New Light Plate

What A Difference!

Here at BEAU-T BY BLANE, we are all about transforming client’s habits into ones that empower all the while having fun in the process of discovering and tapping into their higher selves!

I’m not big on before & after photos, but I discovered in this process of documenting this project for a mutual friend that these before & after photos really inspired my client to commit to newfound positive habits.

The Office Before

The Office After

Our transformative work inspires our clients to take action in regards to other neglected areas of their home, and or life (i.e. finding closure with relatives, plumbing  & electrical repairs, finally donating that ancient computer and television that was both the size of a HOUSE).

Our minds very easily get conditioned to make us comfortable in our mess! For some it’s much easier to buy new socks than to clean old ones? It’s much easier to stack papers, magazines, print outs than to take the time to recycle or shred them? The line between “Hoard or not to Hoard” is as thin as the line between “Clutter or not to Clutter!”


Over time, lazy habits can consume you, slow you down, and poison your soul so insidiously that you not even aware of its grip!

Like a cave that has been dark for thousands of years, one spark of light changes everything. Here at BEAU-T BY BLANE we pride ourselves on being that “Spark!

“Bringing Out The Dazzle In You!” This is our mission and the smiles on our client’s faces, and the shift in their attitudes make all of our sweat and hard work worthwhile!

As the founder of BEAU-T BY BLANE, I’m so grateful to have discovered my passion in life, and to simple be able to bring joy & control to people’s lives.

I’m very grateful for the valuable lessons my clients teach me. For example,

Charlene Keogh of http://www.keoghdesign.com/ and

Zenobia Marion of http://serenityah.com/PhotoGallery.html

both taught me the importance of being ready to roll up your sleeves and have the know how to be able to do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly. This really came in handy with The Baker Manor project. My services ranged from Decorator, to Stylist, Therapist, Entertainer, Gardener, Curator, Florist, Pool Boy, Cook, you get the idea!

The Bay Window Before!

The Bay Window After!

My Grilled Shish Kabob Dining Moment!

It’s never to late to make positive changes in our life. With my most recent client, I have seen such a transformation in his state of being after removing a bag of canned goods that was under his bed for twenty years, rediscovering clothes he had not seen for 40 years, uncovering valuable furniture that was covered in dirty clothes for thirty years, and polishing furniture that had not been touched since 1975.

China Cabinet Since 1975!

China Cabinet 2012!

This was definitely an emotional experience for me as well. Knowing that we are all interconnected and that my environment in merely a reflection of me, I was able to, with my non judgmental approach, go in on a deeper level to empower my client to transcend out of his disempowering fog and, once again, own his life!

My heart was filled with gratitude for being able to rejuvenate in my client’s 55,000 gallon pool during the completion of this project (it takes a week to fill the pool each summer) Sheer Bliss!


I always find a little of myself in my clients, and look forward to what life lessons I can learn from them! After all the inner transformation I’ve done on myself, I’m so enthusiastic, actually thrilled, about the work that I have the opportunity to do with my clients. To make them feel better about themselves as we learn from each other brings me so much joy. It’s this unique process that inspired me to marry Wellness with Design, BEAU-T BY BLANE Design/Wellness Consulting.

We had to take the door off its hinges to get a Queen Ann Wing Chair into his office! We do what ever it takes to satisfy our customers!

The Queen Ann Wing Back Chair

Restoring a family heirloom that my client had on the wall of his family home in the 1920’s, LEE & HIS GENERALS! He was taught to be able to pick out his Grandfather’s General, Nathan Bedford Forest.

Nathan Bedford Forest

At BAXTER & HOME For Restoration On This Family Heirloom

Wow! I couldn’t believe that I was able to shop with my client in Danbury, CT where, as a child, my parents would take me to the Annual Danbury Fair!

The Great Danbury State Fair

The Danbury Fair Mall

Another exciting moment, was uncovering this buffet service set for six, decorated by Charles Ahrenfeldt in Limoges, France China by Charles Field Haviland circa 1880 and having it appraised by Marion M. Callas of MCF_A.

Buffet Service by Charles Ahrenfeldt circa 1880

Discovering the wonderful fragrance of Black English Walnuts from the walnut trees surrounding the pool here at The Baker Manor definitely made the list of Baker Manor highlights.

English Black Walnuts #1

Black English Walnuts #2

It was wonderful sharing meals with my client in his beautiful dining room located in the South East corner of the house. The floor to ceiling windows which wrapped around the dining room, gave you a sense of floating in the forest.

Room With A View!

We shared the joys of enjoying my first try at preparing Creamy Cucumber Soup with Pastis ~ Crème de Concombres au Pastis. http://fabulousfrenchfood.wordpress.com/2009/08/21/creamy-cucumber-soup/

Crème de Concombres au Pastis

At our last consultation (I always make a follow-up visit to make sure my clients are adjusting comfortable to their new space, and for any last-minute tweaks), I had the pleasure of adding my own special ingredients while preparing tomato free Creole Shrimp Gumbo for my client/friend who is allergic to Tomatoes!

Making Tomato Free Creole Shrimp Gumbo

While dining on Gumbo accompanied by a lovely Malbec, my client and I enjoyed the most honor inspired, satisfying smorgasbord of cultural talent that we have seen in quite some time. The moment proved to be an inspiration & reminder of the inter-connectedness of all humanity as we viewed “From Dust To Dawn” at the opening of the “Smith Center” in Las Vegas. Wow!


Thrilled at my client’s testimonial that “The Baker Manor has not looked this good in 40 years!” VICTORY OUT LOUD!

“It’s a whole other person in a whole other place!”

Some of places & people I feel in love with while working on this project and consider worthy of entering my “FAB FIVE FAVS!”


188 Katonah Avenue

Katonah, New York 10536







c 860.450.6445

t 914.862.0406



26 Parkway

Katonah, NY 10536

(914) 232-3351

fax (914) 232-0484




134 Bedford Road

Katonah, NY 10536

(914) 232-1900

Fax (914) 232-1292


Fabio Ricci, Owner & Wine Enthusiast


Sergio Gomes


Our Regular Hang Out!

Croton Creek Steakhouse & Wine Bar

4 W Cross St

Croton Falls, NY 10519

(914) 276-0437





Mission Statement: "ELEMENTS of FIERCE!" is a celebration of artistic expression! The founder, Blane Charles, explores not what people wear, but who is wearing it? He feels that we all have a special style waiting to be shared with the world. Blane also wants to celebrate freedom of expression, uniqueness, individuality, and authenticity! Stay tuned to my "FAB FIVE FAVS!" where I feature five works of inspiration and beauty from my day to day travels.
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  1. This experience was as Rewarding for Me as it was for My Client!

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