As we look around in our world we can’t help but see how fragile the thread of our continued existence really is.

The Three Poisons of Greed, Anger, and Foolishness have become the New Cancer consuming many of our planets inhabitants.


Now, more than ever, in this critical moment in our history, is the time for us to release the ties to our ego based Lesser Selves and tap into our enlightened Higher Selves.

Now is the time to wake up every morning empowered to go out in the world and create value, and be a catalyst for positive change.

Now is the time to step out of our comfort zone and cross bridges, state lines, borders and engage in respectful dialogue with others. As Global Citizens we can start to break the perceived walls that separate us and unite as the one interconnected human family that we truly are.


Try something new that challenges your perceived limitations like a capoeira class or a painting workshop. You will be pleasantly surprised at what hidden talents you discover.



Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

During a model session for the MFA program at the School of Visual Arts I engaged in a 20 minute dialogue with a male artist/feminist from Iran. In that 20 minutes all my ignorance based fears and pre-conceived notions were dissolved. We shared a bonding moment and it was truly amazing!


By the way, I learned that while Iran has a large gay population, Tel-Aviv holds the record worldwide for the city with the highest gay populace.


To this day, I still hold the fondest of memories visiting the Death Sea, Jerusalem, and Tel-Aviv Israel with my best friend while living together in London and look forward to my return.

The injustices are far to many to mention, but most critical are those that threaten the future existence of our Youth.

The Youth are the future, and in them I have the utmost Hope! We must ask ourselves what action can I take to empower our Future and put an end to these horrendous acts of injustice such as the KONY atrocities that started in 1986 (and everyone looked away) affecting 30,000 Youth (Joseph Kony, of Africa.) According to my source from Uganda, the war ended in 2005 and Kony now lives in Chad.




There is a shift occurring in the paradigm on so many levels and because of this we are in a very powerful place as individuals, as ordinary people living our lives from day-to-day, to change the pages of history. Find a young person or a group of young people who you can Mentor or support in some way to believe in and tap into their unlimited potential.


Inner transformation is key to the change we want to see in this world. The change must start in our own hearts and minds. Each and every one of us possess the power to change. With this realization, we can bring forth that power anywhere, anytime, and in any situation. The revolution of this 21st century will be a human revolution.

With today’s technology which can be used for mass destruction, we can choose to use this technology for mass construction. With a simple push of a button, we can voice the power of one and sign petitions, support a cause, create a cause, and bring awareness to global issues that in the end affect us all.


As someone who is about to become a Great Uncle, twice over, I felt that it was important to start a dialogue in this regard and I look forward to hearing your Voice.


LULA’S PEARLS, my first book to be published, is one of many projects that I will be working on getting out into the world to incite others to share their stories.


We all have overcome, and or are dealing with overcoming some form of injustice in our lives. It’s our way of being, our chosen perspective in that moment that can empower and inspire others to Win in their lives.

At the end of the day, it’s much more rewarding to help someone Step into their future as oppose to Stepping on their future for selfish gain.

So find the courage to brighten someone’s day with a simple smile. Pay for someone’s coffee when you see they are short on cash. Open the door for someone else. Say thank you and have a fantastic day to the bus driver, street sweeper, janitor, or anyone that is usually invisible in your day-to-day existence.


On a fashion note, if you see someone working a fierce item and or look, give them the deserved compliment. It will truly brighten their day and encourage them to continue bringing beauty to our world.


As diverse as our cultures may be we all possess 27 bones in our hands to hug, shake, heal, create, design, and build a Culture of Peace.



Written by Blane Charles


Inspired by Neil Totton, “Boosted!”



Mission Statement: "ELEMENTS of FIERCE!" is a celebration of artistic expression! The founder, Blane Charles, explores not what people wear, but who is wearing it? He feels that we all have a special style waiting to be shared with the world. Blane also wants to celebrate freedom of expression, uniqueness, individuality, and authenticity! Stay tuned to my "FAB FIVE FAVS!" where I feature five works of inspiration and beauty from my day to day travels.
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