The World Is Our Home!

The World is our home! That thought, fact, and realization was the starting point in our consultation with my most recent client from Uganda who now lives in West Harlem.

With this project we wanted to use each room in the studio to highlight her many travels and fill her space with all of those golden memories. It was also important for me that her studio would continue to inspire her to new discoveries of the World we call home.

Celebrating Africa!

Above the entrance to the studio we added a simple touch that celebrated my clients cultural heritage, a wooden sculpture of the continent of Africa.


Scarf from Rome

In the bathroom, a room that mother nature forces us to visit on a regular basis, we wanted to create a feeling of openness in an otherwise confined space. So for the wall treatment we choose a silk chiffon scarf my client purchased in Rome. It made her feel so good and meant so much to her because of what was going on in her life at the time of purchase that she hardly wore it. Now she gets to enjoy the feelings the scarf evokes on a regular basis.

The Welcoming Cabinet!

The cabinet is the first thing you see when entering the bathroom and had a collection of cleaning products on the top and bottom shelves. Keeping it simple, we decided to place a water cup, her favorite perfume (a gift from her sister), and a beautiful Faberge egg.

Hometown Uganda

The shower curtain, a map of the World, not only threw in a splash of lovely colors, but also served as a reminder of all the destinations yet to be discovered.


On one hand, I can count the number of times I remembered to take before pictures when working with my clients. On those few occasions, it was a question of esthetics and documenting the efficacy of my methods of empowerment. Normally, a client is either sent to, or comes to me because the challenges in their lives have become so overwhelming that it’s reflection manifests when the door to their closet or living space is opened. Even on a subconscious level, my intention is to focus on the positive and deflect the negative. We live in a society that loves to feed on negativity on so many levels. I don’t see the need to feed into the already existing frenzy!

With my Design/Wellness Consulting I aspire to inspire others, which is expressed in the Testimonials my client’s send to me based on the transformative work we achieve together. With my most recent client, it was simple a matter of “Finding A Home!” Living in a Studio space lends itself to transforming large plains of empty space into dumping grounds for frequently used items. This applies to every room in the space. The Mantle on the Fireplace, the side of the bathroom sink, the extra bookshelf absent of books, the desktop that happens to be bedside, or the pantry that is supposed to be a space for storing dry goods to eat that becomes storing space for beauty supplies!

Fireplace (before)

Fireplace (after)


These photographs were taken by my client because she wanted to be reminded of what she didn’t want her home to ever look like again. Notice that the beautiful fireplace is so inundated with “Stuff” on and around it that we cannot appreciate it. The office is crammed in between the refrigerator and the fireplace and the bookshelf has become destination “Clutterville.”

Capturing Moments In A Frame!

Important pictures that captured thrilling moments, sitting in boxes, were now showcased in beautiful frames that had also been sitting around with the price tags still on them. Together we laughed when she stated, “It was a bargain! I brought them months ago.”

Curtains (before)

Windows are your eyes to the World and in this space we wanted to open the eyes as much as possible. Going from dark and heavy, to light and airy with these white sheer curtains also added an elegance to the space. The mirrors on the wall in between the white sheer curtains we kept because they opened up the space in a subtle but artistic way. Since the bed was such a large piece of furniture in the studio, we wanted the bed treatment to be colorful and inviting to lounge on. We choose this cheerful fabric purchased in India.

Curtains/Office/Bed (after)

The other syndrome I would like to address, is the “Multi-Purpose Syndrome” which manifests in confused clutter of the mind and space. It’s very important to be clear on your intentions for the use of the various rooms in your home. With my latest client, many times the lines were blurred and make-up would find its way to the living room, and library. Cleaning products would find their way into the bedroom, etc. When you live in a studio space, it’s very easy to allow this to happen.

The New & Improved Closet

Together, we found a contained place for everything in her home. This was quite evident in the one closet for the studio. Thanks to the high ceiling, we were able to maximize on the use of the space with clear shoe/boot drawers. We wanted to create easy access to her clothing and to her accessories of which we were all able to place in this large closet.


“What can I say about Beau-T by Blane? All the nice words one can think of. My consultation started over dinner at my apartment, which was cluttered. Books disorganized on a bookshelf, clothes piled on top of each other in the bathroom and shoes in both my walk-in closet and bathroom and lots and lots of lotions and creams. Unknown to me then, my life was also cluttered…until Blane “breezed” into my apartment like breath of fresh air. My apartment audit was in October this year. I have never felt more connected to my apartment like I do now. I got rid of very many things I was hoarding for no good reason and yes, I am spending a lot of more time in my  apartment and I can think very clearly, my life is at peace and I just love being in my apartment. Thank you Blane, for the professional manner in which you audited my apartment and for all the laughter, happiness and clarity this audit brought back into my life.”


As soon as we were finished with our consultation my client was overcome with a feeling of rejuvenation and elation. She’s already planning social events and now looks forward to her every waking morning! One of my first clients and dear friend, Sarita Allen, sums it up perfectly. “He Came, He Saw, He Conquered!”



Mission Statement: "ELEMENTS of FIERCE!" is a celebration of artistic expression! The founder, Blane Charles, explores not what people wear, but who is wearing it? He feels that we all have a special style waiting to be shared with the world. Blane also wants to celebrate freedom of expression, uniqueness, individuality, and authenticity! Stay tuned to my "FAB FIVE FAVS!" where I feature five works of inspiration and beauty from my day to day travels.
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