Where Fashion meets Interiors, At Home with PETER SORONEN in Walton, NY

WELCOME to Walton!

Welcome to Walton!

My relationship with Peter was born at BARNEYS NY in 2002 were I served as Evening Wear Specialist for nine years transforming a non profitable department into one that broke profit margins year after year. Peter and I had an immediate connection when we meet as artist ready to go beyond the call of duty to satisfy our customers. I offered a complete personal shopping experience for my clients dressing them  for a special occasion from head to toe and Peter would come in to personally do a fitting or custom design the perfect shrug to complete the look for my client.

A Loyal Client in Peter Soronen!

After nine years of stellar service and leaving BARNEYS NY to start my own Design/Wellness Consulting company, BEAU-T BY BLANE, I still have a following of loyal clients committed to the humble and attentive demeanor Peter provides occasion after occasion. I’m proud to celebrate Peter and his genius in the ever-changing world of fashion and evening wear. Working with Peter and his collection at BARNEYS NY had a very strong influence on my desire to start my own company. His number one concern was to provide a garment that exuded excellence from the inside out. My number one concern was to be there 100 percent for my client. Even after dressing our First Lady, Michelle Obama, he still celebrates Made In America and oversees every garment he sews to perfection.

Dressing our First Lady, Michelle Obama in Deep Purple Sequin Gown at The White House

Peter proved to be such a great Mentor in my life as someone who was not concerned with the celebrity aspect of the business, but more committed to authenticity and providing the client with a garment of stellar quality to compliment any body type and one that could be passed on from generation to generation.

Jennifer Hudson in Peter Soronen

As someone who worked in the Evening Wear department of a Luxury Brand at BARNEYS NY, I can also testify to the fact that when you buy an Evening Wear garment from Peter Soronen the buttons do not fall off, the zipper does not break, and if it is a size 6 it fits like a size 6. There is something to be applauded about a designer who, after more than 11 years, is still personally committed to the quality of his work.

Nicole Fiscella in Peter Soronen for

It is also refreshing to work with a designer that can cater to a wide range of clientele. I have had clients from the age of 16 who dropped their Versace gown on hold for one of his stunning creations, to a 60-year-old woman who just wanted to feel sexy and classy at the same time.

A Sexy Strapless Dress by Peter Soronen

I’m so honored to be able to celebrate the corset artistry of PETER SORONEN, because Peter is someone who didn’t buy into the hip, but someone who strongly believed in his vision enough to realize that the rest of the world would catch up with him one day!

BEAU-T BY BLANE is all about empowering our clients to live their best lives through customized management of their Wardrobe and Interiors.  I’m totally excited to celebrate the Interiors of Peter Soronen’s new country home in Weston, NY. His home is a fine tribute to how Fashion & Interiors can merge and produce a most magnificent work of art. Peter’s Carpenter Gothic Style House opened in October 2009 snuggled in 16 acres of lush green forest at 2000 feet in the Catskills Mountain side.

Peter Soronen's Carpenter Gothic Style Country Home

I love the choice of Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore that Peter choose to light up the mountain side. I find it to be a reflection of the warm and sunny personality that makes Peter, like his home, so special!

Board & Batten (vertical) / Clap Board (horizontal) Exterior Details

The Board & Batten (vertical)  and Clap Board (horizontal) exterior was designed by Peter to create the illusion of the main house being built first with the Gothic tower being added on at a later date.

The Cathedral Windowed Gothic Tower Extension

I love how the modern print of black and white cotton brocade complimented the Gothic Revival Chairs in the living room and brought them into the 21st century.

Gothic Revival Chairs with black & white cotton brocade

Black & White Cotton Brocade (detail)

To tie in the living room couch, Peter created throw pillows with the reverse side the of Black and white cotton brocade to add a refreshing touch to a simple and neutral couch.

Living Room Pillow with white & black cotton brocade

Peter dressed the Bathroom Shower with a gown of Cotton Toile Print. It gave a whole new meaning to Haute Couture!

Haute Couture Shower Treatment with Cotton Toile

Cotton Toile fabric (detail)

BEAU-T BY BLANE tip! I thoroughly enjoyed Antique Shopping with Peter for additions to the home. One area we focused in on was the Guest Bathroom and deciding on an area to place shelving or a cabinet. So I suggested moving a framed picture to the slanted wall keeping the flow of chi free and taking advantage of the inset wall above the toilet and his high ceilings.

angled wall new home for framed picture to the right

wall for future shelving of towels & toiletries

The 1840 French Gothic Revival Dining Room chairs combined with Brocaded Toile Fabric hand-made cushions by Peter Soronen brought a refined yet simplistic elegance to the room.

Brocade Toile fabric (detail)

Peter was the perfect host during my visit and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with each other our culinary skills. The kitchen is a dream to work in and every each of space was utilized to create an efficient cooking environment.


The Dining Room felt cozy and welcoming as we enjoyed preparing wonderful meals during this glorious weekend in the country. Our first night Peter prepared a hearty and delicious Roasted Pecan Grilled Chicken Salad.

The Dining Room accented with Brocade Toile fabric hand-made seat cushions by Peter Soronen

On Saturday evening we broke out the grill for some of my marinated delights, Lemon Peppered Asparagus, and Sesame Crusted Ginger Tuna Steaks.

Marinated Delights, Tarragon Cucumber Salad, Rosemary sautéed Fiddleheads, Lemon Peppered Asparagus, and Sesame Crusted Ginger Tuna Steaks

Presentation is everything even for a simple dinner with friends. So for this grilled dining experience, I went out in the woods and clipped some lovely Blackberry Floral stems and lush Fern to complete the presentation.

Presentation Is Everything!

Breakfast & Lunch on the deck offered a spectacular view of the 16 acre Emerald Green Delight of forest I was able to explore filled with many wild flowers, berries, lush vegetation, blue stone, and animal life.


Peter was impressed with my fire building skills and connected me with my lumber jack roots as we collected dry wood for our first fire of the weekend. I asked Peter to photograph this moment because no one would probably believe this butch moment.

Blane & Twigs

We enjoyed catching up with a Cigar, Digestif, and Rich Dialogue as we watched the fire we built reach an exciting crescendo on a rather chilly summer evening.

It's All In The Stack!

Building It Up!


Our second night we enjoyed yet another wonderful fire over glasses of red wine and cigars at, his lovely neighbor’s, Lynn, newly built fireplace. I was blown away with her outdoor fireplace that was created with hand stacked stones all fitted to perfection naturally.

Lynn's Fireplace

My newfound fire building skills came in handy as Peter and I helped Lynn build her fire for our evening of wonderful conversation as we all got acquainted.

Enjoying The Fire With Lynn

In the basement Peter can be found working on anything from the “Throne” to his bedroom, to a lovely green micro sequined strapless gown for a Grand Mother whose Grand Daughter is a Bride to be.


How fitting that this gown for a Grand Mother was sewn in the Green forest of Walton where one stays forever young. I love it! You go Grandma!

Micro Sequined Green Strapless Gown

“ELEMENTS of FIERCE!” celebrates Peter Soronen for never giving up on any of his dreams and for being an inspiration to us all. He has shown us that with hard work and strong conviction anything is possible!




Mission Statement: "ELEMENTS of FIERCE!" is a celebration of artistic expression! The founder, Blane Charles, explores not what people wear, but who is wearing it? He feels that we all have a special style waiting to be shared with the world. Blane also wants to celebrate freedom of expression, uniqueness, individuality, and authenticity! Stay tuned to my "FAB FIVE FAVS!" where I feature five works of inspiration and beauty from my day to day travels.
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7 Responses to At Home With PETER SORONEN

  1. Greetings! I enjoyed all of the details in your writing. The picture’s are beautiful. I felt as though I was in the country as I browsed through them. I AM wishing you a DIVINE week. Your’s in FAITH, Rev. Chawanda Charae.

    • Thank you and I graciously accept your divine wishes!
      Stay tuned for the next segment of my talk show,”ELEMENTS of FIERCE!” June 20th at 9:30PM, Monday night on 67 Time Warner and 85 RCN.

  2. What a terrific blog! Having met Peter, and reading of your weekend, I wish I could have been there. And yes, i’m glad you took a picture of you gathering wood…Knowing you, I would totally believe you, BUT seeing is definitely believing!!! OK, so now that I know you’re an outdoorsman, I’ll invite you out to our house so you can help cut down trees! Charlene

  3. jamesrbs10 says:

    Simply Fabulous….that could be the title of this blog. Everything in it is…….simply fabulous. I love how the simple is fabulous and the fabulous in many ways so simple. And btw the simple moves you made in arranging our newly finished basement has been a hit with the tenents. We look forward to enjoying loosing some pounds in what was once a cluttered dungeon. Thanks for everything…

  4. Tom Moore says:

    That is a wonderful write up on a talented designer and his wonderful home. It is really special!

  5. What fantastic use of patterns! Thrilled to have found your blog. xo

  6. mdsagemello says:

    Magnificent Marvelous Magical Enchanting Fierce :,))))))

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