“La Cage Au Blane” celebrating DREW GERACI PHOTOGRAPHY

I had the pleasure of preparing a Birthday dinner for my dear friends Drew Geraci & Larry Rogowsky “La Cage Au Blane” style and Drew captured the moment perfectly! Sometimes we think that we need to arrive with Bells & Whistles when celebrating our friends. But, this was a lesson for me in giving of self, a priceless gift! I consulted with the inspirational couple, celebrating over 15 years of union and marriage, on the menu. There was so much to celebrate! I wanted to express my gratitude for the valuable contribution Larry and Drew have made to my life.

Appetizers of Goat Brie, & Grape Tomatoes on Rosemary Rounds

I wanted to keep it light & healthy which has helped me preserve my body as I approach my 50th birthday December 8, 2011! It was also a Sunday evening the beginning of another work week, and they both had to get up early.

Workin It In The Kitchen! as Betty inspects

So here I am preparing the main course with the Boss Betty inspecting my every move. The pressure was on as this was my first time catering on this sexy level. I knew I couldn’t get by on just my Mochalicious looks!

Preparing Ginger Poached Salmon with Cilantro Paste

It really helps when you are working it in a kitchen that is gourmet furnished with everything you could possible need to create magic. I sliced fresh ginger to create a bed for the salmon and poured in a buttery chardonnay to poach them in, gorgeous!

Givin A Little LEG!

Instead of putting my foot in it, I put my whole head in it! A true chef never leaves the pots unattended. The side vegetable was asparagus drenched in a lovely lemon pepper butter.

Getting Ready To SERVE! Betty approves

We agreed on a Japanese Medley Rice from Trader Joes; a combination of parboiled long grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds that give a nice pop when cooked. I used a bowl to create the perfect mound. Presentation is everything!

A True DIVA Serves In Pumps!

PUMPS are an essential finishing touch to any outfit if you are a true DIVA! I send a shout out to Payless Shoes for having my size at an affordable price. On a side note, these are the pumps I wore for my performance as a member of “Destiny’s Child” with Bernard, and Irving while working as an Evening Wear Specialist & Personal Shopper at Barneys NY for their Christmas Party. It went down as the best show ever!

Dinner Is Served!

I find it so amazing how good legs look in pumps. Thank goodness for hors d’oeuvres. It took a little longer than expected to prepare the main course. Lesson learned, always allow for prep time.

A Gourmet Victory!

Whew! I can finally relax with a lovely glass of wine. Everything turned out to be quite lovely, and most importantly, quite tasty.

Making Larry, the birthday boy HAPPY!

You know that it’s a job well done by the expression on your clients face. In the bowl are tasty and light Snap Pea Puffs great with salads and a fantastic addition to the hors d’oeuvres list.

Salads My Specialty!

No meal is truly complete without a salad! For tonight’s menu we choose a Herb Medley Salad accompanied by Black Olives, Shredded Carrots, Avocado, and Portobello Mushrooms drizzled in Sesame Oil, Fresh Lemon, Rainbow Peppercorns, and Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals.

Enjoying The Fruits Of My Labor!

It is very important to join in with your clients when serving a meal. This way you can truly find out how much they enjoyed the fruits of your labor, and if there is any room for improvement. I love the look on Larry’s face. It’s obvious that he was ready for dessert.

Fresh Strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier and dipped in Belgian Dark Chocolates

Dessert would make you want to, as they say in the south, “Slap Your Mama!” For me, this was the icing on the cake. The rave reviews from Drew & Larry put a huge Kool-Aid smile on my face.

The KOOL-AID Smile!

Now that I can let my hair down, I was able to truly enjoy celebrating the life of my two dear friends, Larry & Drew!

A Proud Face Of VICTORY!

The necklace is courtesy of the Estate Collection of Laura Carpenter. It is a necklace beaded with Sky Blue Vintage Swarovski Crystals. This necklace is a reflection of my dedication to quality when honoring friends. Thank You Laura for adding a special elegance!

Are You Serious!

Are you serious? I just came up with this idea because Drew was a dancer in the Broadway production of La Cage Au Folles. Drew & Larry suggested that I start a  high-end catering service for those who want to spend a little extra for something extra! I guess it would be a big hit for anniversaries, birthdays, pre wedding parties for the girls/boys, etc.

Enjoying Conversation!

It is very important to be abreast on current events so that you can enjoy rich dialogue with your friends or clients. Drew really captured the JOY of this moment!

A Sassy Moment!

We couldn’t resist this Sassy Moment! Drew & Larry pulled out this Vintage Napkin from their napkin collection and Drew took the inevitable photo.

The Finishing Touches!

The finishing touches are very important on an event. You must make your clients feel like the queens/kings that they are. Service from A to Z is mandatory! Even if there is a dish washer on the premises, you want to make sure your clients do not lift a finger, Trust & Believe! So I rinsed all the dishes, pots, and pans and inserted them all in the dishwasher. While the dishes were washing, we had a blast skiing, dancing, bowling, on the Wii Game!

Check out Drew & Larry’s websites and send them some LOVE!





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One Response to “La Cage Au Blane” celebrating DREW GERACI PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. Sue says:

    These faboo photos inspire me to learn how to either cook, clean or be naked with the same effortless panache as you, Blane–bravo and thank you for sharing the evening with us! Love, Sue

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